Whitefire Great Pyrenees might be new to breeding but we're not new to the breed. We've had Great Pyrenees since 1993 when we got our first pyr (a rescue dog) and from there things just took off. We've had many dogs over the past 13 years as a kennel and family, however Randy grew up with the breed from the time he was 2-years old.

Our brood bitch, Elura (Pompier Glacier Lilly), comes from the Poste de Pompier Great Pyrenees kennel in Mendocino County California. They are well known and respected for breeding dogs of sound body and temperament. We are basing our breeding program on the same philosophies and principals so that the dogs we produce will be able to serve as a family companion (pet), livestock guardian dog, family farm dog or show dog.

We've not gone into breeding Great Pyrenees lightly, it's taken us 13 years to get to this point. We've taken many workshops and classes, participated in puppy evaluations based on the books by Pat Hastings, for approximately 10 litters of pyrenees dogs and a couple for other breeds, which covers the correct structure and temperament tests for a correct dog. We've also been mentored over the past 13 years by those longstanding in the Great Pyrenees breed. In addition we show our dogs so that we can stay competitive with our dogs in the show ring and the area.

As a family we've been very active in Great Pyrenees rescue for the past 10 years with 8 plus of those years being the director in charge of the program. (www.gprnc.org) We've had the opportunity to see literally hundreds of dogs and have learned countless lessons, tactics and tips for evaluating, training and caring for a Great Pyrenees dog.