Pompier Glacier Lilly - Elura - January 11, 2003

Pompier Glacier Lilly, Great Pyrenees puppy
Elura playing at Grandma Karen's
at 8 weeks old.
Elura, 15 month old Great Pyrenees
Elura sailing to Sausalito at 15 months old.

My name is Pompier Glacier Lilly but my new family calls me Elura, which means "snow" in Basque.

I was born on 1/11/03 and lived the first 8 weeks of my life on a ranch in Petaluma with my mom and the other 8 puppies in the litter. I also got to play with some of the other dogs on the property. It was REALLY fun...but I am now adopted and have my forever home.

I moved to Kelsey California and live with Tasia (old lady pyr who is 11 1/2), Falkor (who is my bed-time buddy and who is 7 years old), Luke (who is 6 and likes to sniff me all over!), Timm (who is Luke's brother so he's also 6!) and Karma (who's not sure what I am and stays at a distance, he's 4 years old). I also have human brothers; Tyler and Brandon and a dad, Randy. They've all been around dogs for a long time, so I can't fool them into picking me up when I cry or bark....I have to be quiet (which I'm learning) before someone will pick me up or play with me.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of my first day at "home". I am really adjusting well according to my new mom Debi. She calls me her "little woolly bear"....and Tyler calls me a box cause I'm wider then I am long or tall!

Great Pyrenees Puppies in Northern California

Debi came to visit and we piled in her lap and gave her many, many kisses!

Time for a break

8 week old Great Pyrenees puppies
Great Pyrenees in California

Once we got our snack over with we decided to pile some more!

And we thought that climbing up Debi's back and into her hair was a good idea too!

Pyr puppies

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We got into the car and started home. I screamed for about 30 minutes....I've never been in a car before....my brothers and sisters were not there and it was pretty scary! I WAS NOT HAPPY! I finally got so tired of screaming that I fell asleep...only to wake up with a sick tummy!

I got home and met my new dad Randy and my brothers Tyler and Brandon, ate some dinner and went to sleep!

Great Pyrenees puppy goes home in California

Aren't I cute?

Finally some peace and quiet!

Tired after a long day for this great pyrenees puppy
Cute Great Pyrenees puppy

Found the greatest hiding spot....

Sleeping for what seemed like hours!

Good night Great Pyrenees Puppy

We got up Sunday and went to visit some friends at the fire station where Dad works. Then we went to meet my new Grandma Karen and Grandpa Cleve. Grandma gives great hugs! (none of the pictures that mom took turned out very well so we'll have to see what Grandma can come up with from what she took!)

Then Mom and Sue (mom's friend who said I was the best puppy in the litter!) went to the grocery store. I think it was a bit much cause I ended up pottying in the crate and we had to go right home for something called a bath!

first bath for this Great Pyrenees Puppy

Getting soaped up...

ahhhhhh baby girl!

looking pathetic in California
Great Pyrenees first bath

Almost done!


Bath for pyr puppy all done
drying off the great pyrenees puppy

Getting toweled off..

I am now 10 weeks old and weigh about 20 pounds. Mom says that if I gain any more weight she won't be able to pick me up. But no matter how big I get I'll still be able to sit in her lap.

Mom's been training me using something called a 'clicker'. We work on something and when I do it right she clicks and I get a yummy treat. Once I learn it really good she starts telling me to do the thing, then clicks when I do it and I get a treat. We've been working on "sit". I do that really well now and sometimes I don't get a treat, just a kiss from Mom, which is good to o....I like getting AND giving kisses.

We've been working on leash training and going potty. Now we are working on "standing" (cause I'm going to be a show dog) and "waiting" at the doors. I kind of know about "leave it" so we will keep working on that one.

To teach me to walk with the leash she put this thing on my head called a Gentle Leader. It is supposed to help me learn to walk with a leash and not put strain on my neck. Took me about a week to get used to it...now we go all over the property and down the road with it on.

See the toys Mommy got me to play with so that I would stop (she hopes) chewing and playing with things that I shouldn't?

Great Pyrenees puppy in California playing like a good puppy

I got some new toys!!

And some of them roll!!

Lots of toys for this Great Pyrenees puppy

Mom let Timm and Luke and I play in the "big yard" together. BOY WAS THAT FUN! Timm and Luke rolled in the fresh grass (and goat poop) and I just ran around exploring and saying "HI" to the goats. They didn't want to play much but it sure was a fun day being able to just run!

Out in the goat yard

Queen of the mountain!

Do you think I can sneak up on Banjo?

Great Pyrenees puppy training testing with livestock
Great Pyrenees puppy follows older dogs to learn how to be an LGD

Timm is showing me something in the grass....

then Bert and Pally came up to see if I wanted to play.

Great Pyreneese in California checking out the goats
Great Pyrenees passes LGD test

And Pally decided he DID want to play!

...but looking for sticks to chew on was fun too...

Pyr puppies chew on sticks too
Pyr puppy helps check out goat feeder

But helping Luke find goat "stuff" to eat was really a lot of fun too....

Mom brought me back up to the house for my afternoon nap!
And after playing with Timm and Luke and the
goats I was sure happy to just lay in the sun!

Great Pyreneees puppy, tired after a day in the field

We have a huge yard that is all fenced in where a puppy, and the big dogs too if they want, can come and run and play. Now that I am 10 weeks old I was allowed in here for the first time and I went in all by myself....except for the goats.....

Great Pyrenees puppy and goats in California

I got to play in the "big yard" today....

there were goats in it!

Great Pyrenees puppy learning from the goats
more LGD training

And guess what goats leave behind?

Goat poop!

part of learning is eating the goat poop
great pyrenees puppy

Looking for more....

even in the goat feeder...cause ya never know!

Elura the Great Pyrenees in the goat yard

I really like to go exploring.....

Great Pyrenees puppy on the great exploration in Kelsey California

Bouncing along ...seeing what I can get into.

And I seem to have found something!

Guard dog in training

Mom had this "thing" called a baby shower for her niece Christy. I don't know what a shower is but there were a lot of people here that I got to play with. I really liked my "cousin" Melissa and my Papa Tod.

Granpa Tod came to visit

Ahhhhh.....ear rubs.

Can life get any better?

Can life get any better for this Great Pyrenees

Mom took us two girls outside for a "photo shoot"...yeah right...all I wanted to do was play with "Grandma Tasia".

Tasia tolerating Elura

Come on Tasia ....let's play!

Okay...but I'll only lay here for a minute.

Adult Great Pyrenees with puppy
Great Pyrenees puppy spends a lot of time upside down

Do you think I like to be up-side-down?

I like to give my Mom kisses as we look eye-to-eye.
I get bigger every day!

This Big in California

Mom took me to a thing called a "conformation workshop". It was really fun! There were dogs everywhere! There were some doing the things that Mom and I do in Obedience and Mom was making me practice but we didn't have to talk to the teacher or do what the other dogs were doing.

Mom took me into another ring and we got to eat treats and run around.

Elura starts conformation trainging
Elura, the Great Pyrenees does well in the training ring

Mom had yummy treats and I was very willing to do what she asked in order to get another bite.

Mommy kept trying to get me stand with my feet straight. Something called a "stack"...definitely something we get to work on.

Learning to stack is very important
Great Pyrenees puppy, Elura did great her first time in the ring

I did really well for my first time in the Conformation ring. And Mom was VERY proud of me!

I am now almost 6 months old and getting very big. It has been 100º degrees here for the past few days so Mom bought us a thing called a "pool". She filled it with water and Luke and Timm showed me what a puppy is supposed to do in it....or rather I showed them!

Great Pyrenees love the water in hot California

Mom! Hurry up! There's no water in this thing!

Splish Splash....more fun than taking a bath!

the hot summer in California give the pup an excuse to play in the pool
testing the water

Testing to make sure it's "just right"

Timm.....it's not a water bucket for drinking....

Adult Great Pyrenees drinking from pool
adult and puppy pyrenees get cooled off

Luke! Move over!

Luke! get out so we can all get in....

Adult Great Pyrenees takes advantage of no one else in the pool
Can three Pyrenees all fit into the pool

See! we'll all fit...come on Timm!

Mom started taking me to Obedience class 7 weeks ago...altho I already knew how to "sit" she thought I needed to learn how to "stay" and "down" and some other things too. Class was really fun when it wasn't too hot! On those nights I did a lot of "downs"! Mom even taught me a trick! I can "hi-5" as seen in the lower-left picture below.

Well, last night (7/14/03) we GRADUATED! Mom got a really nice Certificate of Achievement and the Assistant teacher took some really nice pictures and gave them to us to take home. Mom is SO proud of me! I get to go to Intermediate Obedience class in a few weeks...but I don't think I'll get any time off in between. Mom said something about attending Conformation Class while we wait for the Obedience class to start! 

Is there no rest for a cute 6 month old puppy??

Very important obedience lessons for Great Pyrenees puppy
Obedience training in Northern California

It's now March of 2004 and as you can see I've gotten bigger. Mom has a new business (she's designing web sites for other people now) so she's been too busy to update mine until now.

I am now 14-months old. Mom doesn't know how much I weigh but she keeps calling me her "big girl" so I must be getting pretty big. I'm bigger than Tasia and almost as tall as Falkor so if you know them then you'll have a good idea of how big I really am!

Last weekend Mom and Brandon were bored so they decided to take Luke and I "snow" hiking. I didn't know what "snow" was but I was up to getting off the property! Snow is REALLY fun!

Great Pyrenees like to snow hike

Mom put the leashes on and off we went!

It was so much fun jumping into the snow....cool stuff!

Elura figuring out the snow trail
Great Pyrenees uses a Gentle Leader while snow hiking

I wasn't quite sure what to do with it but it sure smelled interesting.

Mom tried walking both Luke and I together...all she did was get the leashes tangled....silly mommy!

both Pyrs like to snow hike
having a great time with great pyrenees in the snow

Mommy tried getting a picture of all three of us.....

....but all I wanted to do was HUG my mommy!

hugging in the snow
snow hiking great pyrenees

We walked for a little over 2 miles...

....and Mommy was really pleased with me!

first snow hike for this great pyrenees
Adult Great Pyrenees, Luke, likes to snow hike too

Luke likes to make Mommy happy too!

Mommy lets me in the house a lot...and I have found that bathtubs are really cool places to play. I've liked to do this since I was a puppy. I get into the tub, knock all the stuff off the ledge...then I get out. Mom calls this “bathtub bowling” and it really is a lot of fun.

From the looks of me I think I need a bath!

this great pyrenees loves the bathtub

Time to check out Mom's tub...in I go!


checking out the bathtub in this california home
Elura loves the tub!

Do I have to get out NOW!?

On May 15, 2004 several of the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California representatives and families that have adopted rescue dogs met at Pier 41 in San Francisco for a boat ride to Tiburon. Mom and Dad weren't fostering any rescues that day so we got to go! Falkor and I are very good ambassadors for the breed and like it when people pay us attention.

I said we were headed to Tiburon...well we were...but the lady at the ticket counter sold us the wrong tickets. We ended up going to Sausalito instead. That was fine with everyone since no had been there before.

Sausalito, California Group shot

We arrived at Pier 41 and found all the other people going on the cruise with their dogs.
There were a TON of other people there too. They all gave really good pets and hugs.

We got on the boat...we had to up there REALLY steep stairs. We found some benches to sit on but I think sitting in Mom's lap is better.

Elura sitting in moms lap
Elura sitting like a nice girl enjoying the view

I think Mom got tired of me sitting on her cause she made me sit like a nice girl in my own spot.

So I sat like a nice girl and watched the lovely sail boats go by.
I sure liked it! And everyone said that I looked so pretty.

Elura watching the sailing boats go by
Sail boat on San Francisco Bay
Sailing Scooner on San Francisco Bay
After a long day Elura rests under the bench

On the way back I got out of the sun by laying UNDER the benches we were all sitting on.
Several of the other dogs were doing the same thing but Dad only took a picture of me.

When we got off the boat some of the people who went with us had to go home...others stood with Dad, Falkor, Mom and I for one more picture.

Great Pyrenees Rescue Group shot

Remember Mom took me that “conformation” workshop when I was a little puppy? Well, we’ve been practicing and she entered me in a real show. I did REALLY well! I won my class, I won Winners Bitch, then I won Best of Winners. Mom was so proud of me and everyone said I was beautiful.

Stay tuned to this page cause I’m going to be showing (and hopefully winning) some more!

Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Club Regional Specialty, May 7, 2004.
First in Puppy 12-18, Winners Bitch and then Best of Winners. These are the first points towards my championship.

Great Pyrenees wins at local California dog show
Great Pyrenees shows at Hangtown, California dog show

Hangtown Kennel Club had their show the weekend before Memorial Day 2004 and Mom entered me. I didn't do much the first day but I won my class, Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite the next day!

I participated in a very long weekend of showing, September 3-5, 2004. The GPCC had their regional specialty and then Redwood Empire had two days of showing.
I won the Open Class and then beat all the other 1st place girls to take Winners Bitch. That gave me 5 points and my first Major! Mommy was REALLY happy and proud of me. She says I’m turning into a really pretty girl.

First Major points for Great Pyrenees show dog
Great Pyrenees takes Best of Breed at Sierra-Tuolumne, California dog show

I won BEST OF BREED!! Mom took me to Sierra-Tuolumne Kennel Club dog show and the judge liked me the best!! It was great fun but it was very hot. The judge was Pat Hastings who wrote a book about how to evaluate puppies. It was fun for Mom to get to talk to her about the book and how to do the evaluations. She really liked me too!

After all the training, travel, practice and shows I got my AKC Championship today! It was very fun. Mom and I have been showing for three days in the hopes that I would "finish" and I got lucky on the last day of the circuit. Mom finished Luciano and Falkor all at this show site in Vallejo California on a Sunday....and I'm the third! We finished on a Sunday in Vallejo!! Must be a lucky spot for mom.

Great Pyrenees, Elura, gets her AKC Championship in Vallejo California

When I got Elura as a puppy I had high hopes of some day being able to breed her and produce quality companion, working and show dogs. I wanted her to be an AKC Champion before beginning the process of breeding and whelping puppies. I was fortunate to have finished her this past summer (2006)so we started the process of getting things ready for breeding.

After much research and consideration we contacted a reputable breeder in Ohio named Mary McGuire who had a male that fit the requirements we were looking for as a match for Elura. We were looking for a male that would help better the Great Pyrenees breed by breeding him to Elura. As our brood bitch we hold high hopes in Elura.

She finally came into season in late October 2006 and was ready to breed in early November 2006. We arranged for the semen to be shipped out from Ohio as we were going to be doing a trans-cervical breeding. After many trips to the vet for pre-breeding exams, progesterone testing and then the actual breeding we got to wait for nearly a month before it was confirmed by ultrasound that Elura is going to have puppies!! The ultrasound showed at least 8 beating hearts. An X-ray in another month will confirm exactly how many pups we will be expecting the day of whelping. Official due date is 1/8/2007. Keep posted here as we will be updating the information under the puppies link. View the pedigree for the puppies.

UPDATE: Elura had a 2nd litter on 10/18/2008. View this litter here.

For more information on whelping please follow this link.

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