Welcome to the gallery for our latest litter. I will use this page (and more) to document the progression of this litter. I hope you enjoy all the pictures and stories I'm sure will be coming in the following weeks. Enjoy!

  • Elura with HER kitty - still pregnant
    Elura has a kitty named Harriet. While I was watching Elura during the day before she had the puppies Harriet stayed very close.
  • Elura with the puppies.
    Elura had 5, fully marked puppies. They all have markings on their heads, two have body spots as well.
  • Puppies
    Puppies staying warm while the rest are born.
  • Ice Cream
    During the whelping process Elura got ice cream to keep her sugar level up and to get some protein and calcium into her.
  • Puppies......
    Another view.
  • Up-close
    This puppy we are calling Patsy (for Patsy Cline). She has the most body color.
  • Rest
    After all the puppies were born, Elura took a much needed nap.
  • Nap time
    Hank, Patsy, E-Diddy, Johnny, Reba and Elura were either napping or eating.
  • Elura
  • Two
    Two sleeping puppies.
  • Watchful
    Elura keeps a good eye on all the puppies.
  • Sleeping puppy
    This is E-Diddy....he likes to sleep under the rail.
  • Johnny and Hank
    I caught these two sleeping on each other.
  • Dinner time
    Look at the "wagging" tails!
  • Nap attack
    Johnny got done eating and just turned and fell asleep on Elura's foot.
  • Chow
    Everyone eating dinner.
  • Patsy
    Patsy ate her dinner and needed to "walk" it off...Elura's checking out where she's going.
  • Patsy
    Patsy is the oldest girl and noisiest puppy. She also has the most body markings. All the puppies are starting to get pigment on their noses. It looks they have had their faces in the soot bucket.
  • Johnny
    Johnny is a very sweet, mellow puppy.
  • Hank
    Hank is the Big Brother. He was the first born.
  • Reba
    Reba has a "paw" print on the top of her head.
  • Reba II
  • E-Diddy
    E-Diddy is named for a character in a county song by the Lost Trailers.
  • E-Diddy II
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