We're into week 3 and approaching week 4. The puppies are sure changing a lot..you could almost sit and watch them grow. They are not only gaining weight (all are at or over 6 pounds!!) but they are gaining confidence and getting their teeth. We'll be starting them on "real" food this weekend.

  • Basket O'puppies
    This was at the start of week 3.
  • Playing
    More puppy play.
  • Fighty-Face
    The puppies LOVE to chew on each other...they even growl some times.
  • E-Diddy
  • E-Diddy exploring
    E-Diddy got out and went exploring ....he thought that getting under the water faucet was facinating.
  • Resting
    Then after exploring he decided it was a good place to just hang out.
  • E-Diddy
    He likes to get his picture taken.
  • Elura
    Elura is a really good mom...she let's them nurse even tho they have TEETh now.
  • Randy and Reba
    Randy cuddling Reba.
  • Elura nd Reba
    Randy was cuddling Reba and Elura decided she had to see what was going on.
  • Hank
    Big brother Hank.
  • Hank trying to get out.
  • Hank exploring
    Hank made it out of the box and went on a "walk-about".
  • Hank face
    Sweet baby boy.
  • Play time
  • Puppies
    From front to back: Hank, Reba, Patsy.
  • Johnny
  • Johnny
    Shhhhhh....Johnny's sleeping.
  • Johnny getting weighed
    I have a hanging scale....this is Johnny getting weighed. The puppies almost don't fit into the sack.
  • Johnny
    Close up. We actually woke him up to weigh him...it's easier if the puppy's are sleepy.
  • Patsy
  • More puppy play.
  • Reba
  • Reba
  • Reba face
  • Reba gets weighed.
    The sack keeps them safe and secure.
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