We've started week 4. The puppies are much more active and interested in playing with each other. We started them on "food" this week. We grind up puppy food and add water. We will gradually decrease the water as they learn to eat more on their own. We'll be putting a watering bowl up in another week or so.

This litter is definately bigger then the last ...they are all over 6 POUNDS!

  • Feeding time
    They all got their first taste of "real" food.
  • More food
  • Close up ...
    ...of the mess!
  • Reba
    Tired after eating SO much.
  • Hank too
    Hank thinks it's nap time after eating breakfast.
  • E-Diddy wants to play
    E-Diddy likes to play with the balls.
  • Play time
    While some slept ...others played.
  • Finally tired
    E-Diddy retired to "his" corner.
  • Reba
    She was just too cute to not take another picture.
  • Lunch time!
    Elura will sometimes stand to nurse the puppies....they "belly up" pretty well. Check out the video page!
  • Lunch time....
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