This week we put Hank and Patsy into the field with the goats (Johnny went home this week...he's doing GREAT!). They did really well and have been going to LGD "preschool" for more then a week.

The last few pictures are up close pictures of Hank and Patsy.

  • DSCF2288 Hank
    Hank making the most of being able to run FREEEEEEEE
  • DSCF2290 Patsy
  • DSCF2292 Puppies
  • DSCF2293 Patsy Prize
    Patsy found "something" fun to eat and play with...of course Hank wanted it too!
  • DSCF2294 Hank Abraham
    Hank says HI to Abraham.
  • DSCF2295 Patsy Hank Abraham
    Patsy had to see Abraham too.
  • DSCF2296 Puppy
  • DSCF2298 Patsy Firstlook
    Patsy's first look at Pally and Banjo.
  • DSCF2300 Patsy Pally
    HI Pally!!
  • DSCF2302 Puppies Goats
  • DSCF2303 Johnny Travis Melissa
    Johnny had been neutered and was going home in a couple of he got to come in the house for Christmas Eve. He loved playing with Melissa and Travis.
  • DSCF2312 Johnny GrandmaKaren2
    Grandma Karen loved hugging and holding Johnny too!! Look how big he is!!
  • DSCF2313 Johnny GrandmaKaren
    Johnny standing still for the picture with Grandma Karen.
  • DSCF2320 Hank
    Hank doesn't like the idea of the "leash".
  • DSCF2321 Hank Patsy Leash
  • DSCF2322 Patsy Leash
  • DSCF2323 Puppies Karma
    Karma is a good mentor dog....
  • DSCF2324 Puppies Fawn is Fawn.
  • DSCF2326 Hank Goats
  • DSCF2327 Puppies Goats Field
  • DSCF2328 Hank Baby
    Baby (the sheep) is intrigued with the puppies too.
  • DSCF2329 Hank Goats
  • DSCF2330 Hank Patsy Playing
  • DSCF2331 Hank
  • DSCF2332 Hank
  • DSCF2333 Hank Kisses
    Hank loves to give kisses when not guarding goats!
  • DSCF2336 Hank
    What a handsome guy.
  • DSCF2337patsy
    Pretty Patsy.
  • DSCF2338 Patsy Kisses
    Patsy loves to give kisses too.....
  • DSCF2342 Patsy Kisses
    Up close kisses.
  • DSCF2343 Patsy
    Sweet baby girl.
  • DSCF2345 Patsy
  • DSCF2347 Patsy
    On top of the world!
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