Everyone is doing great. All the little eyes opened up this week....they should all be focusing by early next week. They can all hear and their teeth are starting to come in. They have found their voices!! It is so funny to hear them growl and bark at each other...or at nothing. Several of them have decided to voice their opinions when being picked up and/or held. You would think we were trying to turn them inside out or something.

We decided to give the puppies "towel" baths today and do their nails. OH MY GOSH....you wouldn't think it would be hard to hold onto something not even 3 pounds in some cases and give them a towel bath and clip nails... well...think again. It was fun, Monica and Elura both helped and we got it all done.

Elura continues to be a good mom. I am so very proud of her.....ENJOY Week 3!

  • Week 3: Basket
    Amazing!!! They all still fit....but for how long?
  • Week 3: Walk about
    The puppies are all up on their legs this week. Very funny to see them wobble around.
  • Week 3: Investigating
    Now that they are more mobile they are investigating their surrroundings. Including trying to chew on the whelping box.
  • Week 3: MOM!
    They now run to get to Elura.
  • Week 3:Do I have too?
    Sometimes Elura just sits and the puppies nurse on her while she sits. Very funny to watch.
    Confetti is famous for picking the highest nipple to nurse from.
  • Week 3: Dog Pile
    They still like to dog pile after eating.
  • Week 3: Ahhh...
    Taking a much needed nap I'm sure.
  • Week 3: Candy
    Candy tryng out her wobbly legs.
  • Week 3: 50%
    Only 50% at a time in the basket...if we want them all to stay there.
  • Week 3: ClaraBelle
    ClaraBelle was the first to discover she could get out of the basket.
  • Week 3: ClaraBelle
    Some times she does stay in the basket however...what a pretty girl.
  • Week 3: Get'em
    They are beginning to "play" with each other more and more.
  • Week 3: Image
  • Week 3: Walking.
    More puppies walking about.
  • Week 3: Play time.
    They are staying awake longer and are much more active this week.
  • Week 3: Three White Boys.
    We call these white puppies the Bubba Boys after their Grandfather (Elura's dad) Buba who was also all white.
  • Week 3: Bath time.
    Monica (and Elura) helped give the puppies towel baths today. Not too many were happy about the process.
  • Week 3: Thanks Elura
    Elura really felt like she needed to help out this morning.
  • Week 3: Nails too!
    Balloon actually sat quietly and let me clip his nails.
  • Week 3:Balloon
    Balloon getting the rear nails done too.
  • Week 3: Magic
    Magic tolerated getting her nails done.....
  • Week 3:Magic Part II
    ....for a while anyway. She decided when we got the rears that she was done. Elura came to see if I was really killing her puppy or exactly what was happening.
  • Week 3: Elura helped too
    Elura really needed to be a part of the whole "cleaning" process.
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