Well, this is the beginning of Week 4...21-28 days. I thought I would introduce you to the group. We've taken photos in pairs (except for the last one of course since we only have 11 pupppies (only!?).

This week we've noticed the biggest changes in the puppies. They are getting around better, exploring more and playing more. We started them on softened puppy food. (Pictures below.) They are getting harder and harder to contain in the whelping box so we're going to change the set up in the whelping room to give them more room to move around but still be some what contained. They are starting to play with toys and with us which is a lot of fun. All the puppies are over 3 pounds with several pushing the 4 pound mark! Enjoy this weeks pictures. Who knows what next week will bring??

  • Week 4: Celebration
    I picked up Celebration and he decided to just lay there and "chill".
  • Week 4:Celebration
    Isn't he cute!
  • Week 4: Frosting and ClaraBelle
    (L) ClaraBelle (R) Frosting
  • Week 4:Sprinkle and Candy
    (L) Sprinkle (R) Candy
  • Week 4:Celebration and Ribbon
    (L) Celebration (R) Ribbon
  • Week 4:Fiesta and Balloon
    (L) Fiesta (R) Balloon
  • Week 4: Confetti and Cupcake
    (L) Confetti (R) Cupcake
  • Week 4:Magic
    Miss Magic
  • Week 4:Celebration
    Celebration tired of being in the little box.
  • Week 4:Confetti/Cupcake
    Confetti and Cupcake got out of the whelping box and decided that laying behind the chairs was a better option.
  • Week 4:Cupcake
    Cupcake sleeping behind the chairs.
  • Week 4: Fiesta
    Fiesta posing for a picture.
  • Week 4: Fiesta
    Fiesta trying to get in to nurse.
  • Week 4:Fiesta
    Fiesta deciding chewing on his foot was easier then finding a place to nurse. (he did get to nurse later so don't worry...he's eating just fine!)
  • Week 4: Confetti
    Confetti takes a nap behind the other chair.
  • Week 4:Balloon
    Balloon checking out the toys I put into the whelping box.
  • Week 4: Ribbon
    Ribbon and the new toys.
  • Week 4: Balloon and Candy
    While the other puppies either sleep or check out the toys Candy decided it was time to rough house with Balloon.
  • Week 4: Cupcake
    Cupcake checking out the ball. She would back up, bark then "hop" towards the ball and it would move and she would do the back up, bark and hop all over again.
  • Week 4: Fiesta
    Fiesta checking out the "dumb-bells".
  • Week 4: Ribbon
    Balloon trying to figure out what this new thing is in their box. He finally pushed it around and rolled on top of it.
  • Week 4: Feeding time at the zoo....
    Puppies were acting hungry even after nursing so we started soft puppy food on Wed night.
  • Week 4:They love it!
    Amazing how fast the puppies caught onto the "food" thing.
  • Week 4: Mess?
    You've not seen anything yet!
  • Week 4: Wait..
    ....there's more under here guys!
  • Week 4: Play time.
    After full tummies the puppies love to play.
  • Week 4: Grrr.....
    Can't you just hear them?
  • Week 4:Play with me!
    Fiesta and Ribbon playing.
  • Week 4:Confetti and Celebration
    They decided to play with my slippers....and each other.
  • Week 4: Celebration stacking claim.
    He decided that my slippers were more fun to lay on then the new foam floor.
  • Week 4: ahh....
    Isn't he cute!?
  • Week 4:Round II
    Bigger pans, more puppies at each pan and more mess.
  • Week 4: More food....
    Good thing I put down pads to help with the clean up.
  • Week 4: Outside water
    We let the puppies out in the clean area puppy yard today. This area has been cleaned so that the puppies could go outside and we don't have to worry about the cats bringing in anything we don't want the puppies exposed too. Elura was getting a drink and several of the puppies thought that was great fun!
  • Week 4: Drinking
    Taking advantage of the "water fountain".
  • Week 4: Milling about
    The puppies wandered around for a quite a while looking at everything that is now new to them.
  • Week 4: Elura watches
    Elura didn't go far...layed and just supervised while the pups explored. They would come back to her to "check in" from time to time...then back out again.
  • Week 4: Looking in...
    Randy was doing some work on the inside area and a couple of the puppies were curious about what was going on.
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