What a week! This is Week 5...29-35 days. We've included updated pictures of the puppies....boy oh boy have they grown. They continue to change daily...you can almost watch them grow. They are changing in the way they deal with each other as well. They are play-fighting more and we're seeing some "alpha"/"beta" personalities coming out. Watching the pack dynamic is really a lot of fun.

  • Week 5: Tummy rub
    Randy had someone upside down and they were loving it!
  • Week 5: Snoozing
    ClaraBelle was just so casual after eating her dinner.
  • Week 5: Climbing
    Randy is being used by Balloon and Celebration as a jungle gym.
  • Week 5:Play basket
    The puppies love to climb in and out of the toy basket.
  • Week 5: Sleeping
    Done for the day...or at least for a while.
  • Week 5: Balloon
    One minute awake....
  • Week 5:Balloon II
    ....the next sound asleep. (literally seconds apart in the photos)
  • Week 5: Frosting
    Frosting loves to sit by the door.
  • Week 5: Frosting II
  • Week 5: Frosting III
  • Week 5: Puppy pile
    There is really 5 puppies in this picture...one is completely buried.
  • Week 5: Water bowl
    They LOVE the water bowl...for drinking AND playing.
  • Week 5: Ribbon
    Sweet Ribbon getting an ear-rub from Randy
  • Week 5: Ribbon II
    And Randy is being used as a teething toy.
  • Week 5: Play fighting
    Play fighting is big right now...they do it all the time.
  • Week 5:
    (L) Frosting (R)ClaraBelle
  • Week 5:
    (L) Sprinkle (R) Candy
  • Week 5:
    (L) Celebration (R) Ribbon
  • Week 5:
    (L) Balloon (R) Fiesta
  • Week 5:
    (L) Confetti (R)Cupcake
  • Week 5:
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