We started our journey with Great Pyrenees with a rescue dog named Bear. Randy won a bet and we got a Pyr. I wasn't really too happy and told Randy that the dog would have to stay outside...he was NOT coming into the house.

Bear ended up being diagnosed with Heartworm disease and died a short time after being treated from intestinal toxemia. He was confined as directed but got into a 5lb bag of cat food. Due to the fact that his exercise was limited the cat food could not process thru his system and he died as a result.

We then got Tasia from Catherine de la Cruz. Tasia had just had a litter of puppies and Catherine knew how much I was missing Bear so she offered her to me. Along with that Catherine had a puppy left from the litter and she offered him to Randy. We named him Falkor.

I started to show Falkor and Brandon used him in Jr. Showmanship. We showed him for approximately 8 years. I took him to his championship and Brandon took him from Novice Junior to Open Senior winning several "Best Junior" awards at All Breed shows which is hard to do with a Pyrenees, along with many Best Junior awards at Regional Specialties. Falkor died in 2004 from bone cancer. View his memorial here.

Luke (Partager's Luke No Further) came to live with us when he was 6-months old. I showed him and his brother Timm (Partager's A Timmy Tickler) thru to their championships. I also showed the pair as a brace at many shows. Luke and Timm have passed and their memorials can be found on the In Memory page.

Emmy (Partager's Mardi Gras) came to live with us permanently about 2 years ago. She lived with me off and on while I was showing her to her Championship. She is a good companion to Timm now that Luke has passed. Emmy passed away on October 10, 2010 and can now be found on the In Memory page.

Fawn and Karma are full time working dogs. They live 24\7 with the goats and sheep we keep for brush control. We also use the livestock to help assess if a rescue dog has the ability to be a Family Farm dog for GPRNC. Fawn and Karma work as a team to keep the property free from predators, including stray and/or neighboring dogs that come to bother the livestock. Fawn will bark and run the fence line and Karma will back her up.

Elura came to live with us when she was 8 weeks old. You can see her grow up by viewing her pages.

We bred Elura in 07 and in 08. Between the two litters she produced 16 beautful puppies. We kept one puppy and named her Gracie. You can keep track of Gracie on her dedicated pages.

We've made a few other additions to the kennels. Lobo joined the crew in January of 2010. It was an adventure to safely bring Lobo into the rescue program. But with the continued support of GPRNC, our vets at Sacramento Animal Hosptial and dedication we finally were able to bring Lobo "home". Please take the time to read his story!!

After Lobo came Himiko. Himiko was Confetti in our first litter. She was sold to a family farm in Canada but after 4 years of working with sheep her family got a divorce and she found herself back in California. She's fit right into the pack...as a companion to Karma who has been retired from the field with the addition of Lobo. Himiko LOVES to play and gets along great with Gracie.

Not only did the dogs end up in the house...but they seem to have taken over our hearts. Great Pyrenees aren't a dog for every family but once you've decided this is the breed for you and your family it will be hard to just have one! Contact us for more information.