This page will be where I place the Flash movies for this litter. If you have trouble playing them, please contact me. (Make sure to give it time to download before contacting me with a potential problem....some computers will take longer then others.)

This is a video of the puppies at the beginning of Week 2. They are just starting to "walk" (weeble wobble) but that doesn't stop them for getting around!
This is the start of week 3. Reba has decided that she's going to be the first one to open her eyes, walk and she's trying to get out of the box! Turn up the volume on your computer and hear the puppies "bark". Enjoy!
E-Diddy, Johnny and Hank are starting to walk too. Enjoy!
Playtime! The puppies are getting more and more mobil!! They love to play and growl at each other.
Lunchtime!! Turn up the volume you might be able to hear them slurping!!