Randy and I spent our 23rd wedding anniversary at Herrington’s Sierra Pines Lodge in Sierra City. We spent the long weekend hiking the Plum Creek Loop and part of the Pacific Crest Trail as well as spending about a half day looking around Downieville. We took Elura with us too. She'd not been on an outing since the puppies were born and seemed to enjoy herself. Enjoy the gallery of images.

  • Cabin Deckview01
    The view from our cabin.
  • Cabin Deckview02
  • Cabin Deckview03
  • Cabin Deckview04
  • Cabin Lodge
    This is a picture of the back of the lodge, looking at it from the path above our cabin.
  • Cabin Path01
  • Cabin Path Debi Elura
  • Cabin Path
  • Cabin Randy Elura
    Randy and Elura enjoying the view off the deck of the cabin.
  • Cabin River Elura Debi
  • Cabin River
    This is the river below the cabin. The Yuba river flows through the properly of the resort for about 1/3 mile.
  • Cabin Upthere
    Our cabin is WAY up there.
  • Cabin Viewpath
    A view of the cabin from the path below. Randy kept commenting on the fire danger :-)
  • Cabin Waterfall01
  • Cabin Waterfall02
  • Downieville Fire Elura Cool
  • Downieville Fire Elura Debi
  • Downieville Fire
  • Downieville Fire Hydrant
  • Downieville Foundry
  • Hike Creekview
  • Hike Creek Waterfall
  • Hike Debi Eluar
  • Hike Elura02
  • Hike Elura Goodscratch
  • Hike Elura Rock
  • Hike Pacific Crest Trail
  • Hike Plumcreeklooop Sierracity
  • Hike Plumcreekloop Sierrabuttes02
  • Hike Plumcreekloop Sierrabuttes
  • Hike Plumcreekloop Snag
  • Hike Plumcreekloop Topoftheworld
  • Hike Plumcreekloop View02
  • Hike Plumcreekloop View03
  • Hike Plumcreekloop View
  • Hike Plumcreek
  • Hike Randy Elura02
  • Hike Randy Elura03
  • Hike Randy Elura
  • Hike Randy
  • Hike Randy Lookingdown Stream
  • Hike Riverwater Fall
  • Hike River Randy
  • Hike Sierra Buttes
  • Hike Waterfall
  • River Elurasplashing